Why you should wear hair extensions in Bangkok at Senpom Hair Salon?



Amazing Hair Extensions in Bangkok at Senpom Salon

Have you thought about getting hair extensions in Bangkok, but hesitated for whatever reason? We’ve got you. This blog post contains a few major reasons why hair extensions are great. Sure, they’ll give you volume and that long hair you’ve been lusting over. However, they are also perfect for disguising haircuts gone wrong or giving bright colors a try. And as we only use 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions it will look so natural that nobody will notice you’re wearing Hair Extensions.

Here are a couple reasons why you could benefit from hair extensions!

  1. Add Bangkok Hair Extensions Length

Amazing Bangkok Hair Extensions Lenght at Senpom Hair Salon

Limited Hair Length

Some people just can’t seem to manage growing long hair. Oftentimes, you’ll find your hair growing quickly to a certain length, then just slowing down to the point where you’re unsure of whether it will ever grow again. Hair growth serums and conditioners are ineffective. Why not opt for hair extensions? Thanks to Senpom Hair Salon Bangkok, you too, can enjoy beautiful long hair without having to wait a decade for it to grow out to your ideal length.

Disguising a Bad Cut

The vast majority of us still shudder when we remember times we’ve sauntered into the hair salon for a simple trim, then skulked out with an uncalled-for pixie cut.

Instead of having to pull off a look that you didn’t want, pick up some micro rings or keratin fusion bonds extensions to save the day! These type of extensions will let your hair grow naturally, so you can enjoy long hair while waiting for your natural hair to grow out.

  1. Regular or Fashion Hair Color

Regular or Fashion Color Bangkok Hair Extensions - Senpom Salon


I bet you’ve wanted to try out some color in your hair, but were unsure of whether you’d be able to pull it off, or not want to damage your hair. With hair extensions from Senpom Hair Salon you can try out bright, new colors or new trends easily and not end up with a head of damaged hair. If you don’t like it, all you have to do is take it off. It’s like a Ctrl+Z key for hair!

  1. Get Hair Volume

Hair Loss

More people than you think suffer from hair loss of thinning hair. If you are one of them, chances are it has taken a toll on your confidence. With hair extensions, you can get back the hair you once had. You’ll look several years younger in a matter of minutes!

Fine Hair

If you’ve got particularly thin hair, or just want to bump up the volume a little bit, hair extensions are a great option. Here at Senpom Hair Salon Bangkok , you can pick from 120g, 160g, and 220g depending on what you are looking for. If you’ve got relatively thin hair, 120g is a good choice. 160g is good for medium thickness if you’re still going for a natural look. 220g is made for people who have already got thick hair and just want to make it longer, or people who just want hair with striking volume.

  1. Trendy Bangkok Hair Extensions Style

Trendy Bangkok Hair Extensions Style at Senpom Salon

Mix Up Your Style

You can completely transform your hair look with just a couple strands of hair extensions. Want long, intricate braids? We’ve got you. Want to wow your friends at a party in Bangkok with purple balayage hair? We can make that happen, too. Senpom Hair Salon is specialized in fashion color hair extensions in Bangkok. Straight,Wavy,Curly even Kinky Hair Extensions using Micro rings or Keratin fusion bonds techniques,there are a whole world of options ahead of you!!
All you have to do is stop by Senpom Hair Salon Bangkok!


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