Brazilian Keratin


Brazilian Hair Keratin in Bangkok


Keratin hair treatment is well known for its outstanding and long lasting result.
Human hair shaft contains protein called keratin.
Keratin can be destroyed by factors in our daily life activities such as chlorine in shower,
swimming pool,high concentration of salt in the ocean and strong sunlight for beach activities,
chemicals,heat etc….

Regular hair repair treatments and oil treatments only moisturize and smooth hair cuticle surface.
The treatments wear away with a few times of shampooing.
Keratin treatment contains the same keratin protein molecule existing in human hair.
It is able to go deeper and restore Medulla in the hair shaft.
Hair obviously becomes smooth ,shiny and healthy just after application!

However,customers are advised to use after care products such as Sulfate free shampoo,
conditioner and Moroccan oil at home in order to remain long last effects.


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